Tuesday, June 23, 2009

KS.... forever.

I"M STILL IN KANSAS. Soon, soon.... I'll be in Colorado and I can't wait. Here are some highlights of biking 350 miles across this state.

1. We wake up at 4AM in order to beat the heat, so we are usually on the road by the time that the sun rises. Big sky, big open spaces, great way to start the day.
2. KS is not actually flat. We reached the top of of small hill and could see for endless miles in any direction.
3. Biking for 70 miles on the same road and not seeing any civilization.
4. We took the day off in Manhattan, KS which is home to Kansas State Univ. It was the first time that we slept past 5AM in almost a month.
5. After biking 85 miles in 95degree weather, sometimes a shower with a garden hose just hits the spot.
6. People are amazingly gracious and generous. Their enthusiasm leads to some wonderful home-cooked meals.
7. Plenty of thinking time about life.... ahhh clarity. :) It's about damn time.
8. We were play a game where we would sneak up on each other and pinch one another in the leg. After 5 hrs of playing, things turned sour. Let's just say.... someone swerved, my wheel caught their wheel and the end result was two very wobbly wheels. I felt horrible, but fortunately the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington, DE taught me how to true wheels. Huge life saver in the middle of KS!!! Thanks guys!
9. We arrive in town pretty early, so it's been a good bonding experience for the group since we need to make our own fun. Local towns have been wonderful in allowing us to have free access to their local pool. Plus, a wonderful person sent me a package with Time magazine and Newsweek on the Eastern side of KS... ahhh... so nice to have the smallest idea of what is happening in the real world.
10. I don't know if there is a tenth highlight? I was pretty impressed to think of nine. No no... I had one of the best night's sleep in Beloit, KS.

Simple pleasures in KS. I need some intellectual stimulation :) Bye!


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  1. keep up the good work!!!! YOURE AWESOME!