Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ohio and Indiana

Let me just say that both Ohio and Indiana surprised a lot of people as being amazing states to bike through. Gentle rolling hills, Cinci, hospitable hosts, great weather, Columbus Indiana, Bloomington. The problem with that is the fact that my 7 year old hand me down digi camera finally gave out on me. Therefore, no pics from those two states yet. I'll steal some from my co-riders later.

Currently, we are in Illinois. We've now officially entered the Midwest. Yesterday was 70 miles on one long flat road with a strong head wind, no scenery, and thunderstorms. Perseverance.

Quick fact: I've somehow managed to gain 9 pounds since the start of this trip. Don't ask me how.

PS. We are at mile 1000.

Love you all.

David Kozy


  1. That is amazing that you have ridden 1000 miles already. I dont even like driving that far! Keep up the awesome work and good luck :)

  2. 9 lbs of muscles?! Wow, 1000 miles, that's pretty amazing.

  3. Muscle baby all Muscle. Can't wait to see those quads at Martha's wedding. A wonderful wedding gift for the bride; bulging quadricepss!